New Feature (Starting Jan 2017)

For long distance users, you do not need to come to our labs to set up your probe points. REMOTE ACCESS is available now!

Probe users can now mail their samples to us and pick your points remotely at home! (Windows system only)

Contact the Lab personnel for more details!

1. Examples of SEI imaging

2. Examples of Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

3. Examples of Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometer (WDS) Qualitative Analysis (Wavescan)

4. Example of WDS Quantitative Analysis

5. Mapping Applications A: zoning in chondrites (courtesy of Royal Ontario Museum ROM2021)
Mapping Applications B: Ni concentration
Mapping Applications: WDS free shape mapping on an amphibole grain ~500 um across

6. Example of WDS Quantitative Mapping (convertible to concentration) of the whole thinsection (44 x 27 mm), ~2 hours

7. Phase mapping