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Current Fee Structure ($ per hour) –Tentative Plan


A) Preferred users: (contribute $2,500 upfront)

        Discounted Rate

 Peak hour (9 am – 5 pm weekdays):                                 $45 / hour

 Off-peak hour (5 pm to 9 am, weekends and holidays):    $35 / hour

 ·        Users can contribute upfront $2,500 and will only then get the above discounted rate.

·        The user fees will be offset against this amount ($2,500).

·        In the case where the $2,500 is not used up during the fiscal year, the remaining amount will be rolled over to the next year at regular rate.


 B) The fees for academic non-preferred users: (including other departments and other universities)

 Regular Rate

Peak hour (9 am – 5 pm weekdays):                                  $60 / hour

Off-peak hour (5 pm to 9 am, weekends and holidays):     $50 / hour

Mapping (on peak and off peak time)                                 $35 / hour


C) The fees for commercial and contract users:

             Peak hour (9 am – 5 pm weekdays):                                  $120 / hour

Off-peak hour (5 pm to 9 am, weekends and holidays):     $80 / hour


D) Training will need to be arranged separately at a cost.


E) An additional 1 hour setup time will be automatically charged for every analytical session.




Booking Policy (since July 2014)


                                  5:00 PM – 9:00 AM Monday to Friday

                                  Weekends and public holidays